Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep Affiliate Program

An Innovative Solution to a Modern Problem!

Welcome to the Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep Affiliate Program!

At Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep, we are proud to offer a first-of-its-kind product that provides full crypto tax services to tax preparers (CPAs) and individuals.

Our Affiliate Program is an opportunity for anyone with affiliate, sales, or clients to harness our services and generate a truly passive stream of income. 

Our primary objective is to complete the Crypto Tax Preparation for every individual or business in the United States that has surpassed the complexities and time consumption of “Do it yourself” sites.

To achieve this goal, we aim to contract with every CPA firm to outsource their Crypto Tax Preparation, and we also provide direct service to consumers who don’t use a CPA but are under contract with us.

How it works:

Simply use your unique affiliate link and drive to any of our landing pages to schedule a call. Once the customer purchases our service, you will receive a percentage of the sale. 
We do offer a tier 2 program to make additional income off of any introductions or partners you bring into the program.

The Power Of Your Network

B2B sales is all about leveraging your network to make connections.
As an experienced sales professional, you can articulate the innovative solution we offer to solve the issues faced by prospects in the crypto tax space.

You have various methods at your disposal, and we provide resources and training to assist you, including calling on your existing network to connect with CPA firms, attending networking events, cold calling, making social media posts, and doing drop-ins with handouts.

Your path to financial success starts here.

If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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